Turog Kordun (Chuck)

Half-Orc Cleric of Akadi


Turog is a green-skinned, black-haired half-orc, slightly taller and broader than a fighting half-orc male of his age. He’s 27 years old, but the harsh life he’s lived and his orcish heritage make him look ten years older than that.

Turog often wears a tabard over chainmail. The tabard has symbols of Akadi sewn onto it: clouds, wind, whorls.

He sports a grim demeanor unless he’s alone with friends or hanging out with his cousin Nissa, a half-elf. Then he’s surprisingly witty and good-humored, at least for a half-orc.

Those who’ve worked with him note that he tries to be aware of his surroundings at all times, always keeping track of where the valuables and exits can be found. While out on a criminal job or when dealing with the unexpected, he’s always ready to improvise when things go wrong.

He’s a frequent patron and employee of the Fisher’s Friend Pub, but he rarely drinks or gambles. The former because it would dull his senses. The latter because he’s terrible at bluffing, with a dependable tell of looking at the ceiling while brushing a hand through his hair.


The identity of Turog’s father is unknown, but he was obviously an orc. Turog’s mother was a human named Analeese.

Analeese died during Turog’s difficult birth, and so was he was taken in by his grandmother. The family scraped by even with the addition of Turog’s aunt and her child, Anissayln—“Nissa”—who was obviously the product of the aunt’s daliance with an elf.

“Grands” raised Turog to be very protective of family, even one as spare and disparate as theirs. “Grands” passed away when Turog was 12 years old.

So to support the family, Turog took odd jobs on the career path to being a thug. He started by making deliveries, graduated to breaking legs, and eventually took up murder-for-hire as his chosen occupation.

However, after seeing the tragic results of one of his killings, Turog fled into the wilderness at the age of 23. Lost in a 100-year storm, he experienced an epiphany. He survived the storm and woke up being cared for by traveling devotees of Akadi. After learning about the Queen of the Air and crediting Her and Her worshippers with his survival, Turog became a cleric of Akadi and traveled to spread Her word.

After 4 years of proselytizing, Turog eventually concluded that he had past deeds to atone for and returned to Loudwater. He started watching over his cousin Nissa, first out of guilt over the abandonment of his cousin so soon after her mother died, leaving her to scrape out a life on the streets of Loudwater, and eventually out of avuncular care for the young rogue. She is his only known remaining family.

Turog maintains his criminal connections, but he won’t engage in crime that greatly harms others. Still, Loudwater is a small town and a few fishermen praying for good weather won’t always pay the bills.

Turog contemplates travel outside of Loudwater to spread the word of Akadi, but his responsibilities keep him in the small town.

Turog follows the public aspect of Akadi by serving the the Roar, a sect dedicated to Akadi who openly preach the Lady of Air’s dogma. He is still seeking his devotional “Life Experiment” to Akadi.

Turog Kordun (Chuck)

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